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            Mobile DVR

            LEX intelligent vehicle-specific DVR is capable of wireless transmission through 4G and WiFi, allowing you to effectively keeping the inside and outside of your vehicle under surveillance. Its vehicle power input design is capable of adapting to fluctuations power supply and its wide operating temperature enables it to withstand varying climates. LEX DVR is able to record and playback with 1080P resolution which combine with 4G and WiFi connectivity along with the time-tested features of H.264 video compression, pre-installed multiple language user interface, and email notification.


            PALM b2



            4 Channel 2 x Micro SD Card & 1 x 2.5" HDD Mini Mobile DVR


            MOTO b2



            MOTO: 4 CH Micro SD Card Mini Mobile DVR


            F1 b2



            4 / 8 CH Standalone AHD Mobile DVR (F1)


            CORSA b2



            CORSA 4 / 8 CH Standalone Mobile DVR


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