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            about lex

            About Us

            Found in 1990, LEX Computech, one of the excellent Taiwan industrial computer manufacturers, provides embedded solutions include designing and manufacturing of industrial motherboards, fanless embedded systems, rugged panel PC, network appliances, machine vision and automation controllers & IoT related solutions.

            LEX Computech (TPEx GISA :7562) is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. We set out the company’s future ambitious vision as “ Growth, Successes and New Horizons “ via providing high quality & robust embedded solutions and excellent OEM/ODM service to meet world-class design and manufacturing demands.

            LEX computing platforms provide wide range DC power input, IP66/67 & IP69K rating waterproof, anti-vibration, rechargeable battery options, flexible and easy expansions for variety products to different applications. Plus with industrial grade components, thermal design, heating systems and validation testing, LEX products are able to meet demands in various harsh operating environments.


            Company profile


            Data Sheet (PDF)

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            Roadmap 2020-Q4


            Data Sheet (PDF)

            Power Point

            Quality Certification


            qa international

            ISO9001 Quality Policy(JPG, PDF)

            ISO14001 Quality Policy(JPG, PDF)


            3C System(JPG, PDF, PDF2)

            3C Panel PC(JPG, PDF)


            Any question, please feel free to contact us.

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